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Memorial Lecture—2007
St Louis Section–ACS

by Alexa Serfis
Delivered by Pat Burrell-Standley

I am pleased to present this lecture, really a brief recounting of the Section’s activities for 2007. Lisa and Greg are tough acts to follow, but let me remind you of all the Section has accomplished this year. As the year draws to a close, Steve completes his service as Chair—probably counting the remaining days to January 1 as I did. 2007 marked the 100th anniversary of the Saint Louis Section—a local section with a rich history. To commemorate this special year, Steve formed a planning group in 2006 to develop some special activities. This was a lofty task, but Steve surged forward. As we look back on 2007, it is with pride that I highlight the Section’s anniversary year.

We held all of our “usual” events including the following in the winter and spring months:
Career Awareness Fair, Science Fair judging, joint meeting with our AIChE colleagues (getting to be a regular thing, mingling with the engineers at the local and national level. They are a fine bunch.), WCC with a story teller, Recognition Night, Marcus Award, all events for Chemical Progress Week including two awards banquets, plus Career Day for high school students. The section continues to show a strong commitment to community outreach, involving and generating excitement for science in young people, and recognition for those who do great science.

A group of special lectures by Dr Alfred Bader, founder of the Aldrich Chemical Company, was a highlight to our Anniversary celebrations. A true inspiration at 83, his two-day visit featured three special events. In May, an Alternative Energy Symposium was held, and special guest ACS President Katy Hunt (also counting the days til Jan 1) was here to help us celebrate as the keynote speaker. Local researchers discussed advancement in alternate energy sources and the public had a chance to ask questions during the panel discussion.

Our summer highlights included a picnic, accompanied by a soaking thunderstorm, and ACS members on Center stage at the Science Center. The Center Stage guest appearances have occurred regularly throughout the year, on a variety of topics. Pat Burrell-Standley will wind up the year with her presentation on the 21st. Kudos also to our members who wrote articles for the Bond in celebration of the Section.

Fall brought a new wave of activity, with Career Services events, NCW, Boy and Girl Scout clinics, the Midwest meeting in KC, and a special wine tasting (and toasting) event for the Anniversary year. We have held our elections, tabulated the votes, finished our monthly meetings, and are ready for the new year. We wish our incoming Chair Keith Stine good luck in 2008.

Finally, I was sorry to miss the Recognition Night festivities last spring, and would like to take this opportunity to thank a special group of people. Thank you to my Steering Committee for your efforts and support:

I would also like to thank Lisa, Pat, Brent, and the SLU students for organizing the events that helped the section win the Student Affiliate interaction award this year. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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