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National Chemistry Week

... is an event sponsored by the American Chemical Society to promote public awareness of chemistry’s impact on everyday living. It’s a national, even somewhat international, celebration of our Central Science. Though celebrated at different times, chemical societies in many countries recognize a “national chemistry week.”

Links to national National Chemistry Week sites
Great Britain www.rsc.org/Chemsoc/Activities/ChemistryWeek
Singapore snic.org.sg/ncw
USA www.chemistryweek.org

National Chemistry Week 2012

The Chemistry Expo is usually the crowning event of National Chemistry Week, held on the final Saturday at the St Louis Science Center, and staffed by a major outpouring of volunteer outreachers affiliated with the ACS local section. This year, on a theme of Nanotechnology: the smallest BIG idea in science, we led the community in celebrating the 25th year of National Chemistry Week. The Chemistry Expo featured groups from Maryville University, St Louis Community College, Saint Louis University, Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville, Neuman Medical, the Saint Louis Science Center, and Kids & Chemistry. In all, 68 volunteers helped bring their joy of chemistry to the community with over a dozen hands-on activities—from crushing cans to CO2 soap bubbles—more than 500 visitors explored how chemistry is part of everyday life.

Sheryl Loux, coordinator of the Kids & Chemistry program for NCW and the rest of the year, had this (and some photos, below) to add:

Kids & Chemistry had three tables at the Science Center for NCW: Enzymes for Digestion and Cleaning, which I led; Starch Scavenger Hunt testing which foods and materials contain starch, led by Chris Glass; and the Crushing Cans exploration of states of matter, led by Don Sartor. There was also a display with models of DNA. About 600 parents and kids joined us at our tables. I would like to thank our volunteers, Mike Stuckmeyer, Pegah Jalili, Aimee Clements, Jeff Cornelius, May Paing, Justin Perry, Don Sartor, and Chris Glass.

May Paing, Pegah Jalili, and Jeff Cornelius led the activity about enzymes: Aiding Digestion and Cleaning

Don Sartor and Mike Stuckmeyer teach about states of matter with the Crushing Cans activity.

Justin Perry, Chris Glass, and Aimee Clements helped an early-costumed youngster with the Starch Scavenger Hunt.

You too can participate....

If you're looking for a way to participate in National Chemistry Week in your classroom, there are demonstrations appropriate for all grade levels. Below are just some of the resources that are available on the WWW for chemistry teachers and students. Please follow all appropriate safety precautions.

Have fun!

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