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Seventh Annual Section Picnic, June 18, 2011

For the 7th annual St Louis Section picnic on June 18th, our venue returned to Tower Grove Park, where the picnic got its start six years ago. The day threatened a little rain, but didn’t deliver, and the temperature stayed reasonably centered in the high double digits.

Section Chair Jeff Cornelius stepped up to act as planner and host, filling in for the Past Chair (whose job it really is) Shelley Minteer (who is ensconced in Utah now). Smartly, Jeff brought a strong intercontinental contingent of summer students with him to act as grillmeisters and additional minglers. Attendees comprised a mix of old reliables, who simply wouldn’t miss a picnic, and several new faces, new either to St Louis or to the ACS or both or spouses thereof.

A selection of the ...

... new faces at this year’s picnic

Our grillmeister, Kevoh (Calvin) Nyapete, one of the very helpful “volunteers” who came with Jeff Cornelius

This is almost all the people who were still there when someone shouted, “Group photo!” For some reason, all of Jeff’s summer students adsorbed to Eric Bruton: from the left, they are Kevoh (Calvin) Nyapete (Kenya), (Eric), Godfred Fianu (Ghana), Garrett Fielding (USA), and Brian Kamusinga (Kenya). Everyone else in the photo appreciated their help and good cheer. Behind the camera: photographer Vic Lewchenko.

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