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Recognition Night

Recognition Night

Recognition Night is our traditional event for thanking and honoring members of long standing and members who have made extraordinary contributions to the section.

Long (lo-o-o-ong) time members get spotlight at Recognition Night 2012

Recognition Night 2012 was another great time to reminisce about the history of the Section. At this year’s Recognition Night, the section honored the six 50-year members and two 60-year members who were present. In total, we honored twelve 50-year members and eleven 60-year members this year.

Alexa Serfis was officially recognized with the 2012 Distinguished Service Award, announced way back in December.

We also honored our Immediate Past Chair Jeffrey Cornelius. By bylaw, the IPC gives a talk on ... just about anything. Jeff’s was based on his course on Chemistry and Art, which he teaches at Principia College.

The Section also recognized John Hemminghaus as the 2011 Chemical Science and Technology Award winner for demonstrating a very high degree of professionalism and scientific contribution at Monsanto.

To help recognize our many honorees, twelve past Chairs of the Section attended, along with many current and former board members and friends.

photo of 50-year members

50-year ACS members honored this year at Recognition Night (left to right): Darwin Novak Jr, J Daniel Kelley, James E Bundschuh, David Garin, Anthony F Kardis, Harold Harris, and sneaking into the picture Eric Bruton, the current Section Chair

photo of 60-year members

60-year ACS members honored at Recognition Night: Edwin Metzner and Carl Frieden

Jeff Cornelius on Chemistry and Art

Jeffrey Cornelius, 2011 Chair, presenting his talk Chemistry and Art

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