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What is the St Louis Award?

The St Louis Award, sponsored by the Monsanto Company and administered by the St Louis Section–ACS, is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of chemistry and demonstrated potential to further the advancement of the chemical profession. The award, consisting of a $1,500 honorarium and a plaque, is presented at the St Louis Award Banquet, during National Chemistry Week in October. The awardee is selected by a review committee constituted by the St Louis Section–ACS.

The 2011 winner is ...

portrait of Dr Lucinda Buhse

Dr Lucinda (Cindy) Buhse

Dr Lucinda (Cindy) Buhse is the 2011 winner of the Saint Louis Award. Dr Buhse is Director of the Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis (DPA) in St Louis, a laboratory for the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) in the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr Buhse received a BA in Chemistry from Grinnell College, performing undergraduate research with Professor Luther Erikson. She followed with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of California–Berkeley Professors John H Clark and George C Pimentel. Her thesis work involved the picosecond dynamics of solvation.

After graduate school, Dr Buhse began her career at Rohm and Haas in 1986, where received two patents for her work on polyimmides. In 1994, Dr Buhse moved to St Louis to work for Sigma Chemical, first as Validation Engineer in the Diagnostics Division. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Production Supervisor and then to Production Manager. From there, Dr Buhse moved to the Engineering Division as Validation Manager, followed by a position as Quality Control Manager in the Fine Chemicals Division.

Dr Buhse joined the FDA in 2001 as Deputy Director of the St Louis-based Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis, and was promoted to Division Director in 2004. The St Louis laboratory is involved in analytical methods development for rapid screening of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and pharmaceutical ingredients, and for characterization and comparison of drugs such as biologics, transdermals, and inhalation products. The laboratory also protects public health by providing analytical testing for the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. She has been involved in the identification of drugs illegally added to dietary supplements and the investigation of heparin during the recent adulteration crisis. During her time at the FDA, Dr Buhse authored or co-authored over 70 papers and has appeared multiple times as an invited speaker.

Dr Buhse’s husband, Dr Steve Kinsley, teaches Organic Chemistry Laboratory courses at Washington University. They have one daughter: Emma, 18, is attending University of Chicago this fall and is interested in studying Anthropology.

St Louis Award Symposium

2 pm, Friday, October 14, 2011
Department of Chemistry, Louderman Hall Room 458, Washington University

2:00 Dr Jeff Cornelius, Principia College; Chair, St Louis Section–ACS: Welcome and general introductions
2:05 Dr Steven Kinsley, Washington University: Introduction of Dr Buhse
2:10 Dr Lucinda Buhse, Director, Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, US Food & Drug Administration, Saint Louis and 2011 St Louis Award Recipient: General remarks & introduction of Dr d’Avignon
  Dr D André d’Avignon, Washington University, symposium chair
2:15 Dr Moheb M. Nasr, Office of New Drug Quality Assessment, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, US Food & Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD
Development and implementation of global pharmaceutical quality standards: International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH)
3:00 Dr Susan Strahan, Goddard Earth Science & Technology Center, Universities Space Research Association, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Greenbelt, MD
Stratospheric ozone in the 21st century: are chemistry-climate model predictions credible?
3:45 Refreshment break
4:15 Dr Jeffrey Owrutsky, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Spectroscopy and dynamics of nanosystems
5:15–6:30 Reception adjacent to the symposium room
Parking: use Washington University’s multilevel Millbrook Garage located on Throop Drive. The symposium site, Louderman Hall, is adjacent to the southeast corner of Millbrook Garage. October 14 is during fall break, so ample parking will be available. Throop Drive can be accessed directly off Forest Park (aka Millbrook) Blvd or by entering Snow Way from Big Bend Blvd. A campus map is available at parking.wustl.edu/parkingmap_2010.pdf (pdf, 3.3 MB). Millbrook Garage is #85 and Louderman Hall is #65 on this map. Room 458 is at the east end of Louderman Hall.

St Louis Award Banquet

banquet icon

Saturday, October 15, 2011, at Glen Echo Country Club, 3401 Lucas & Hunt Road, St Louis, MO 63121. Driving directions on the Glen Echo website.
6:30 pm cocktails (open bar), 7:00 pm banquet, 8:00 pm program

Please send reservations by October 12th to:

Lawrence Barton, Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
315 Benton Hall (MC 27)
University of Missouri–St Louis
Saint Louis, MO 63121
email lbarton@umsl.edu
phone 314.516.5334
fax 314.516.5342

Make checks payable to St. Louis Section-ACS and note any special dietary limitations:

Name(s) _______________________________________________________

Number attending _____ × $55 each = amount remitted $______________

Special dietary limitations, if any ___________________________________

St Louis Award Nominations

Please help the St Louis Section–ACS identify the most deserving candidates for this prestigious award: nominate a colleague. Nominees should be individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession of chemistry and demonstrate potential to further the advancement of the chemical profession. The awardee is selected by a review committee constituted by the St Louis Section–ACS. The award, consisting of a $1,500 honorarium and a plaque, is presented at the St Louis Award Banquet held in October.

At the time of the nomination, the nominee must not have previously received the Midwest Award or any national ACS-sponsored award and must be a member or affiliate of the St Louis Section–ACS. Nominations may be sent at any time of the year, but nomination packets received by April 30 are considered for award presentation the following October.

The nomination should include a nominating letter, two or more seconding letters from individuals who have had a close professional affiliation with the nominee, a brief biography, a description of the nominee’s accomplishments, and a list of publications and patents.

Please send nominations and inquiries to the St Louis Award coordinator.

Previous winners

Year Winner Affiliation
1970 David L Lipkin Washington University
1971 Clayton E Callis Monsanto Corporation
1972 C David Gutsche Washington University
1973 A John Speziale Monsanto Corporation
1974 Robert W Murray University of Missouri–St Louis
1975 James F Roth Monsanto Corporation
1976 Carl Frieden Washington University
1977 Jacob Schaefer Monsanto Corporation
1978 William S Knowles Monsanto Corporation
1979 Ralph A Bradshaw Washington University
1980 Jordan J Bloomfield Monsanto Corporation
1981 Thomas P Layloff US Food and Drug Administration
1982 Derek Redmore Petrolite Corporation
1983 M Thomas Jones University of Missouri–St Louis
1984 K Wayne Ratts Monsanto Corporation
1985 Joyce Y Corey University of Missouri–St Louis
1986 Jay MS Henis Monsanto Corporation
1987 Joseph JH Ackerman Washington University
1988 Michael J Welch Washington University
1989 Stephen P Adams Monsanto Corporation
1990 J Dewey Holten Washington University
1991 Lawrence Barton University of Missouri–St Louis
1992 James P Riehl University of Missouri–St Louis
1993 John-Stephen Taylor Washington University
1994 James A Sikorski Monsanto Corporation
1995 Milorad P Dudukovic Washington University
1996 J Daniel Kelley McDonnell Douglas Corporation
1997 Kevin D Moeller Washington University
1998 William J Welsh University of Missouri–St Louis
1999 Dennis P Riley Monsanto Corporation
2000 Gordon K Anderson University of Missouri–St Louis
2001 John J Talley Pharmacia
2002 Scott R Gilbertson Washington University
2003 George Gokel Washington University
2004 Douglas Covey Washington University Medical School
2005 Wesley R Harris University of Missouri–St Louis
2006 James S Chickos University of Missouri–St Louis
2007 William L Neumann Mallinckrodt Imaging
2008 Shelly Minteer Saint Louis University
2009 Christopher D Spilling University of Missouri–St Louis
2010 William E Buhro Washington University
2011 Lucinda Buhse US Food & Drug Administration

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