Eric Ressner


Eric Ressner is a Director (2003-04, 2006-), as well as serving as Webmaster for the section website (2004-present) and the Midwest Regional Meeting website (2011), and editor of the Chemical Bond (1995-2003, 2009-present). He won a Salute to Excellence in 2003 and the Section’s Distinguished Service Award in 2009.

BS (chemistry) from Clarkson College of Technology (now Clarkson University) in 1969; PhD (medicinal chemistry with Matthias Mertes) from University of Kansas in 1974; post-doc (virology with Joseph Kates) at SUNY–Stony Brook, then Asst Prof of Chemistry at Colgate University, then at Seton Hill College until it sunk in that he and college teaching were not a heavenly match. What followed was a far better match: a 25-year career at Sigma-Aldrich in product information management, initially maintaining Sigma catalog listings, then managing the corporate database for print and electronic publishing and managing external programming resources for maintenance and enhancements of the user interface.

Now retired but contracting on occasional projects and on-line tutoring, Eric enjoys reading; bicycling on the rare days in St Louis when it’s not too hot, not too cold, etc.; and travel to exotic locations for scuba-diving.