Sean Dingman


Sean Dingman is currently a Business Development Manager for the SAFC Hitech business unit of Sigma-Aldrich. His primary focus is developing specialty materials that are used in opto-electronic detection and sensing applications, with an emphasis on radiation detection and monitoring. Sean holds a PhD in Inorganic Materials Chemistry from Washington University, where he studied the synthesis of III-V nanostructured semiconductors under Bill Buhro.

He currently leads a course entitled The Commercialization of Science and Technology at Washington University. Prior to his current role at Sigma-Aldrich, where he started in 2004, Sean held positions in product management and technical sales. Prior to his tenure at Sigma-Aldrich, Sean had roles at small companies in production and R&D management. He has volunteered with the St Louis ACS section for a number of years and took up the role of Secretary since 2012.