Steve Kinsley


Steve Kinsley was born and raised in St Louis, MO. After completing his BS in Chemistry at Saint Louis University, he went to the University of California–Berkeley and worked with Andy Streitwieser on organometallic complexes of the [8]-annulene dianion. After a post-doctorate working on Ziegler-Natta catalysts with Tobin Marks at Northwestern, Steve began his professional career at Rohm and Haas in Philadelphia. Following seven years at Rohm and Haas with a few years in a family business, he taught as an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University and Lindenwood University. Since 2003, he is at Washington University in St Louis, serving as a Lecturer in Chemistry and the Organic Laboratory Supervisor.

As a member of the St Louis Section, he has served as Publicity and Public Relations Chair (2002-2005); Section Chair (2007) and Director (2009-2012).