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next contents Chairs going, Chairs coming

Ziad Ramadan looks back

portrait of Ziad Ramadan

Ziad Ramadan, 2013 Chair

Greetings and a happy new year to all of our St Louis Section members.

I have enjoyed my term as the Chair of the St Louis Section. I would like to thank all of you for doing your best to continue promoting and advancing our programs so as to maintain the St Louis Section as one of the premier local sections in the ACS.

The twelve months as chair have passed quickly. We did great things this year. Again we were a finalist for four ChemLuminary Awards and we won the Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) and Outstanding Performance by a Local Section for 2013. The St Louis Award Symposium and banquet were a great success, thanks to Joe Ackermann and Lol Barton. I would like to thank the YCC for the Career Management Seminar Series, Chemistry Career Night, and the Leadership Development Forum. They were very successful and helpful to many of our community members.

We have been fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers serve as officers over the years. The St Louis Section has provided very valuable activities to both our own members and to the community. I would like thank all our Board members and Steering Committee for their help and suggestions for the advancement of our Section. We move forward into 2014 with a new Board and a continued vision for success. Finally, I wish Jim O’Brien a successful year as a Chair in 2014.

Jim O’Brien anticipates ...

... and you can hear about his vision and plans for 2014. Check this space next month.

Materials Consulting
and Testing

• Boiler Inspection
• Pressure Vessels
• Industrial Accidents
• Tank Inspection
• Corrosion Analysis
• Non-destructive Inspection
• Material of Construction Selection
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Piping
• Litigation Support
• Metallurgy
• Glass Failure
• Machinery Failure
• Failure Analysis


4134 Rider Trail, St. Louis, MO 63045

next previous contents CMS keeps on keeping on

Dr N’Goundo Magassa regales attendees with stories of commercialization of academic research.

On December 3rd, the YCC hosted the final Career Management Seminar of 2013. The topic: Technology Transfer. Featured speakers included N’Goundo Magassa, Licensing Associate at the Office of Technology Management at Washington University in St Louis, and Christopher D Spilling, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of Missouri–St Louis.

N’Goundo Magassa and Chris Spilling lead the Q&A following their presentations.

Over 20 people attended and heard about Dr Magassa’s job: facilitating technology transfer from the university laboratory to commercialization. She provided valuable insight into the process, and suggested what investigators should consider when they discover something interesting in the lab. Dr Spilling shared his story of developing a solution to an existing medical problem, and starting the company Alkymos to nurture his technology into a product.

The Q&A session of the event provided an engaging discussion among the speakers and the attendees, who came from academia, and both small and large businesses. The event was hosted by Dentons law firm in downtown St Louis.

Look for more information on 2014 CMS events and other YCC events in January!

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American Polymer Standards Corporation
8680 Tyler Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060
Phone: 440-255-2211 Fax: 440-255-8397

next previous contents Continuity Dinner and a meeting for the record books

Sheryl Loux, delighted.

It was a fine night—weather-wise, food-and-wine-wise, and compatriot-wise—for Continuity Dinner on December 12. Among the 25 or so attendees was a nice sprinkling of new faces and the rest, old friends.

Getting under way, the General Meeting elicited no business, new, old or otherwise, so it was adjourned while the convening gavel still echoed. The regular business meeting of the Board went quickly as well, everyone seemingly primed for the special events to come.

The Distinguished Service Award goes to ... Sheryl Loux ... for her tireless outreach as Kids & Chemistry, Chemistry is pHun, National Chemistry Week at the Science Center, Science Fair judge advocate general, and more. Her programs are wildly successful—contacts with the public numbering in the thousands every year—and she’s equally tireless at getting others involved (and always room for more) to spread the joy farther. The official award presentation happens at Recognition Night in March, but you heard it here first.

Sean Dingman in mid-haiku, or possibly between haikus: it’s so hard to tell.

The surprise Henry Godt lecturer for the 2013 wrapup was ... Sean Dingman. After “threatening” us all with a rendition of mechanistic organic chemistry that he tentatively titled SN2 Nucleophilibuster—bringing on a near-rush for the doors (there being no windows in our banquet room)—he smoothly segued to his intended format:

The “What Did We Do?” Haikus

Nine haikus, each one a strict 3-line, 17-syllable paean to an activity or event from 2013.

Cryptic they all were
which added to the challenge
guessing what had been

The full transcript is below, with spoilers concealed. If you are stumped, just highlight the area below the haiku for the big reveal.

Hydrostatic skill
Many youth expert with valves
Two West and Villa
Answer (highlight to envisibilize):
We honored her life
Divined the nerve growth factor
Nobel Refugee
Bill spoke approval
John Mike Sandi bestowed glory
Tech Students Teachers
Mentored and measured
Tomorrow they take our place
Caffeine Marble Juice
Fifty-three faces
Some new, June sylvan feast
Food games geese skulking
In the third Rome
Alchemical pankration
Aurum awards earned
Transfer writing skills
Non-verbal network art
Think before you send
Resonance Master
A city of seven Popes
October Award
Phosphorescent Prize
Outstanding Outstanding twice!
Medium-large young!

Sean concluded, “So I close the 2013 Godt Lecture and raise a toast to the section for 2014. I thank you all for letting me serve as secretary for the past two years and wish Natalie LaFranzo the best in taking over for next year. I look forward to serving as PR chair for 2014-2017. Happy Holidays All!!”

It’s Ziad Ramadan passing ... Jim O’Brien is open downfield ... it’s ... complete! The new chair, board, and year can begin.

And finally, in the ultimate act of Continuity, Ziad Ramadan peaceably, gleefully, eagerly passed the Gavel and the Book of Office to the 2014 Chair, Jim O’Brien.

Good night and Happy New Year.

Note: our default photojournalist, Vic Lewchenko, has made his Continuity Night photostream public. For more photos of the event, check it out.

Chemir Associates placement

next previous contents  You can be a Science Fair judge!

for the St Louis Section’s Science Fair chemistry awards

Science Fair clipart

Volunteer for any or all of these opportunities by contacting Sheryl J Loux at 636.237.5149 or email sjloux@gmail.com.

Your participation as an ACS judge would be greatly appreciated!

next previous contents Seeking retirees eager to make an educational impact

Simple equipment and simple setup serves up "States of Matter" to a large group of kids

One of the most popular outreach programs sponsored by the St Louis ACS section is Chemistry is pHun! Sheryl Loux is offering training in this program for retired ACS members in an effort to expand its reach and impact in the St Louis area.

The 35 Chemistry is pHun programs in calendar year 2013—all given by Sheryl—have had an educational impact on 1378 students in 16 or more schools. Program activity has started strongly this fall. The program modules offered by Sheryl are “States of Matter,” “Chemistry is pHun,” and “What is Matter?,” “Using the Scientific Method for a Science Fair Project,” and “Polymers are Marvelous Molecules” (includes DNA extraction from strawberries). Sheryl thanks Don Sartor and Amy Kerkemeyer for helping with some programs.

New this year were the adaptations of the “What is Matter? " and the “States of Matter" programs for presentation to blind students at the Missouri School for the Blind in St. Louis. The feedback was enthusiastic from the teachers and staff.

The States of Matter program was designed for elementary students and is popular for the 2nd and 3nd grades. States of matter are explored mainly with water, demonstrating the addition or release of energy in the form of heat when changing physical states. Examples of plasma are mentioned and ”Gluep“ is made to show a substance that has properties of both liquids and solids.

Another program for K-3 is What is Matter? where the periodic table of elements is introduced and water molecules are made with marshmallows for atoms and toothpicks representing electron bonds.

The Chemistry is pHun program is designed for grades 4-12 and covers pH, a review of states of matter, dissolution, chemical reactions, and various polymers.

Of the 1378 students participating this past calendar year, 971 students have enjoyed the "States of Matter" program, 350 students have enjoyed the "Chemistry is pHun" program, 5 participated in "What is Matter?", and 52 students extracted DNA in the "Polymers are Marvelous Molecules".

If you would like to offer some of these programs in a school district close to where you live, please contact Sheryl J Loux by email, sjloux@gmail.com or 636.237.5149 to discuss the programs. Training is available.

Kids having fun and learning: is there a better way to spend a day, for them or for you?

Amy Kerkemeyer demonstrates “Chemistry is pHun” for eighth graders

next previous contents Who Ya Gonna Call in 2014?

Every January, our organization plays a little game of musical Chairs. No pun intended, unless you think it might have been worth a chuckle. The Section’s Chair succession always advances, and several officers and committee chairs assume new duties. New faces and names join the ranks of the involved. So, if you are cultivating an urge to get involved, here’s how.

The members listed below are responsible for organizing, promoting, and staffing Section activities in 2014. Pick the function that most closely mirrors your interests, and get in touch with the responsible person. Not sure where you niche is? Have a question about a specific activity? Have an issue or suggestion about section governance, policies, activities? The Chair is your man.

You’re always welcome at a Board of Directors meeting, and your first dinner at a Board meeting is on the house. (Our Section runs on volunteers, and our volunteers run on food.)

Elected officers
Chair Jim O’Brien
Chair-Elect Pegah Jalili
Immediate past chair Ziad Ramadan
Secretary Natalie LaFranzo
Treasurer Vic Lewchenko
Directors 2013-2014: Jeff Cornelius, Bill Doub, Steve Kinsley, Brent Znosko
2014-2015: Eric Ressner, Keith Stine
Councilors 2012-2014: Donna Friedman
2013-2015: Lisa Balbes, Alexa Serfis
2014-2016: Lawrence Barton
Alternate Councilors 2012-2014: Hal Harris
2013-2015: Ben Outlaw
2014-2016: Ted Gast, Chris Spilling
Committee chairs
Awards John Gleason
Education Open, but soon to be filled, so check back.
Investment Hal Harris
Professional Activities Brent Znosko
Program Dana Baum
Publicity and Public Relations Sean Dingman
Special Events and Services
Kids and Chemistry Sheryl Loux
National Chemistry Week Greg Wall
Younger Chemists Committee Natalie LaFranzo

next previous contents Bond Briefs

Save the (sniff) date

Did you always wonder about the chemistry of scent and fragrance? Here’s your chance to find out, through a free ACS webinar:

Love Potion #9: The Chemistry of Scent & Fragrance
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014, 7–8 pm EST (that’s 6–7 pm St Louis Time), link: acswebinars.org/chemistry-of-fragrance.

The Careers Committee is looking into a group viewing venue. If you’re interested, please contact Lisa Balbes at lisa@blabes.com or 314.966.5298.

next previous contents meetings and seminars

Board of Directors

St Louis Section–ACS Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month, usually at the Glen Echo Country Club (map and driving directions). Meetings are open to all members, and all are encouraged to attend. Elected officers and chairs of major committees vote on questions put to the Board; others in attendance have voice but no vote.

If you want to attend for dinner, please contact the section Chair at least a week in advance. Usual cost of the dinner is $24 ($12 for post-docs and unemployed members). Members wishing to become active in section activities are welcomed for their first dinner as guests of the section.

Date: Jan 9
Social hour: 5:30 pm
Business meeting: 6:30 pm (suspended for dinner when served)
Future meetings: Feb 13, Mar 13

Saint Louis University

Seminars are on Fridays at 12 noon in Carlo Auditorium, Tegeler Hall, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments follow. For more information, contact Jim Edwards, jedward5@slu.edu.

At publication time, there were no seminars scheduled for January.

University of Missouri–St Louis

Mondays at 4 pm in 451 Benton Hall, unless otherwise specified. Refreshments 15 minutes prior to seminar time. For more information, contact the Chemistry Department, 314.516.5311.

Jan 27
Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, Florida State University

Feb 3
Martha Oakley, Indiana University

Washington University

Seminars are in McMillen 311 at 4 pm unless otherwise noted. For information, contact: Liviu Mirica, mirica@wustl.edu.

Jan 2
Federico A Rabuffetti, University of Southern California
Perovskite oxide nanocrystals: Room temperature synthesis, crystal structure, and applications

Jan 7
Brian Walker, University of Cambridge
Singlet exciton fission: Applications and mechanistic insights

Jan 9
Eric L Dane, Boston University
Novel bioinspired carbohydrate polymers: Synthesis, characterization, and bioactivity studies

Jan 13
Jesse V Jokerst, Stanford University
Ultrasound imaging with nanoparticles

Jan 14
Cody W Schlenker, University of Washington
Chemistry for controlling charge dynamics at organic interfaces

Jan 16
Bryce Sadtler, California Institute of Technology
Solution-phase growth methods for building complex inorganic nanostructures

Jan 21, 3 pm
Jonathan Owen, Columbia University

Jan 21, 4 pm
Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, Princeton University
From energy to electronics: What will nanostructured materials do for us?

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