St. Louis Section of the American Chemical Society

Kids having fun and learning; is there a better way to spend a day—for them or for you?portrait, Liviu MiricaPortrait: Rob Lambportrait, Jacob W Petraich
Chemistry is pHun...
Youngsters enjoying classroom enrichment
Liviu Mirica
... is the 2016 Saint Louis Award winner
Boy Scouts
... merit chemistry badges? ... badger meretricious chemists? ... chemometric bangs? ... oh Heck (reaction)
Rhonda Woerndle
wins the Science & Technology Award: yay!
Rob Lamb is IT!
High School Chemistry Teacher-of-the-Year for 2016, that is
Jacob Petrich
... of Iowa State University is the 2016 Midwest Award winner
The weather was no picnic (too hot), but we can’t let that stop us.
Earth Day... a great outreach opportunity, and the kids are wonderful!