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Kids having fun and learning; is there a better way to spend a day—for them or for you?
Chemistry is pHun...
Youngsters enjoying classroom enrichment
Allison MacInnes
winner of Chemical Science & Technology Award ... congrats!
Carol Sayers
... of Ft Zumwalt High is HS Chemistry Teacher of the Year for 2017
Christer Aakeröy...
...of KSU is the Midwest Awardee for 2017.
Keith Stine... our 2017 Saint Louis Award winner
That is, the 13th annual, good food and people, lakeside @ Tilles Park

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    The Inaugural Kevin A Johnson Memorial Lecture
    Dr. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey (UT – El Paso)
    portrait: Jorge Gardea-Torresdey From Gold Phytomining to the Fate of Nanoparticles in Terrestrial Plants: Synchrotron-based Studies
    7:00 pm, 7 Dec 2017
    St Clair Room, University Center, SIUE
    For more information, contact department chair (Leah O’Brien).
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