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Chemical Bond Archives

The Chemical Bond, the official newsletter of the St Louis Section–ACS, is published nine times a year (Jan-May and Sep-Dec).

An email reminder is sent to the entire membership email list when each new issue is posted on the website. ACS members new to the Section are subscribed automatically, but may opt out at any time. Any update you make to your email address at the national ACS website will trickle down to us the following month.

If you wish to subscribe to our email list, just follow the “Join our email list” link at the bottom of any page, and update your profile to include “Chemical Bond reminders”. Every email includes an unsubscribe link, so you can back out at any time. We strictly honor your choices, and we don’t share email addresses with anyone.

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Our archives have gone through several transitions as our methods for preparing and publishing the Chemical Bond have evolved:

  • Prior to 2001, the Chemical Bond was prepared for hard-copy printing as camera-ready artwork hand-delivered to the printer. We do not have an electronic archive of these issues. We do have printed copies of almost all issues which can be manually searched upon reasonable request.
  • In 2001 (Volume 52), we began to prepare the Bond as a pdf that was emailed to the printer. Some gaps in 2001 have been filled with scanned issues. All those print-edition pdfs are archived here.
  • Starting in 2010 (Volume 61), the Chemical Bond became a web-only publication with no hard-copy produced. The html pages are archived here. The last four issues of 2009 were dual-published in hard- and soft-copy to help members make the transition. Both versions are archived.
  • In 2017 (Volume 68), the Chemical Bond became a dynamic compilation of blog posts from the previous calendar month; no html archive exists for these issues, but we have preserved them as web-to-pdf files (open in PDF reader) so that the archive will continue to be available. However, searching for the individual blog posts is a more efficient way to find archived content. On any blog page, you can filter blog posts to a specific month (which should exactly replicate the content of the following month’s issue), or search by topic/keyword(s) for distinct articles.

Volume 52 (2001)

Jan (scanned pdf, 921 kB)
Feb (scanned pdf, 693 kB)
Mar (scanned pdf, 728 kB)
Apr (scanned pdf, 656 kB)
May (pdf, 703 kB)
Sep (scanned pdf, 565 kB)
Oct (pdf, 590 kB)
Nov (pdf, 727 kB)
Dec (pdf, 740 kB)

Volume 53 (2002)

Jan (pdf, 937 kB)
Feb (pdf, 1.22 MB)
Mar (pdf, 874 kB)
Apr (pdf, 1.24 MB)
May (pdf, 707 kB)
Sep (pdf, 1.29 MB)
Oct (pdf, 1.30 MB)
Nov (pdf, 681 kB)
Dec (pdf, 923 kB)

Volume 54 (2003)

Jan (pdf, 950 kB)
Feb (pdf, 822 kB)
Mar (pdf, 1.81 MB)
Apr (pdf, 1.03 MB)
May (pdf, 1.05 MB)
Sep (pdf, 448 kB)
Oct (pdf, 1.06 MB)
Nov (pdf, 932 kB)
Dec (pdf, 1.12 MB)

Volume 55 (2004)

Jan (pdf, 1.08 MB)
Feb (pdf, 937 kB)
Mar (pdf, 1.14 MB)
Apr (pdf, 1.91 MB)
May (pdf, 1.02 MB)
Sep (pdf, 980 kB)
Oct (pdf, 1.02 MB)
Nov (pdf, 308 kB)
Dec (pdf, 253 kB)

Volume 56 (2005)

Jan (pdf, 1.43 MB)
Feb (pdf, 450 kB)
Mar (pdf, 517 kB)
May (pdf, 633 kB)
Jun (pdf, 883 kB)
Sep (pdf, 792 kB)
Oct (pdf, 238 kB)
Nov (pdf, 436 kB)
Dec (pdf, 538 kB)

Volume 57 (2006)

Jan (pdf, 366 kB)
Feb (pdf, 369 kB)
Mar (pdf, 448 kB)
Apr (pdf, 410 kB)
May (pdf, 454 kB)
Sep (pdf, 419 kB)
Oct (pdf, 484 kB)
Nov (pdf, 479 kB)
Dec (pdf, 540 kB)

Volume 58 (2007)

Jan (pdf, 510 kB)
Feb (pdf, 515 kB)
Mar (pdf, 545 kB)
Apr (pdf, 504 kB)
May (pdf, 633 kB)
Sep (pdf, 1.41 MB)
Oct (pdf, 659 kB)
Nov (no issue)
Dec (no issue)

Volume 59 (2008)

Jan (no issue)
Feb (pdf, 551 kB)
Mar (pdf, 1.10 MB)
Apr (pdf, 466 kB)
May (pdf, 957 kB)
Sep (pdf, 1.67 MB)
Oct (pdf, 1.21 MB)
Nov (pdf, 621 kB)
Dec (pdf, 438 kB)

Volume 60 (2009)

Jan (pdf, 1.65 MB)
Feb (pdf, 666 kB)
Mar (pdf, 654 kB)
Apr (pdf, 1.05 MB)
May (pdf, 1.01 MB, or html)
Sep (pdf, 1.08 MB, or html)
Oct (pdf, 1.20 MB, or html)
Nov (pdf, 1.01 MB, or html)
Dec (pdf, 896 kB, or html)

Volume 61 (2010)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 62 (2011)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 63 (2012)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 64 (2013)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 65 (2014)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 66 (2015)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Special election issue (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 67 (2016)

Jan (html)
Feb (html)
Mar (html)
Apr (html)
May (html)
Sep (html)
Oct (html)
Nov (html)
Dec (html)

Volume 68 (2017)

Jan (pdf, 481 kB)
Feb (pdf, 446 kB)
Mar (pdf, 545 kB)
Apr (pdf, 1.24 MB)
May (pdf, 748 kB)
Sep (pdf, 744 kB)
Oct (pdf, 1.28 MB)
Nov (pdf, 1.23 MB)
Dec (pdf, 1.16 MB)

Volume 69 (2018)

Jan (pdf, 1.77 MB)
Feb (pdf, 1.05 MB)
Mar (pdf, 1.42 MB)
Apr (pdf, 1.48 MB)
May (pdf, 2.18 MB)
Sep (pdf, 656 kB)
Oct (pdf, 987 kB)
Nov (pdf, 524 kB)
Dec (pdf, 644 kB)

Volume 70 (2019)

Jan (pdf, 610 kB)
Feb (pdf, 982 kB)
Mar (pdf, 943 kB)
Apr (pdf, 919 kB)
May (pdf, 802 kB)
Sep (pdf, 585 kB)
Oct (pdf, 614 kB)
Nov (pdf, 756 kB)
Dec (pdf, 495 kB)

Volume 71 (2020)

Jan (pdf, 546 kB)
Feb (pdf, 592 kB)
Mar (pdf, 585 kB)
Apr (pdf, 682 kB)
May (pdf, 612 kB)
Sep (pdf, 778 kB)
Oct (pdf, 3178 kB)
Nov (pdf, 1086 kB)
Dec (pdf, 1136 kB)

Volume 72 (2021)

Jan (pdf, 795 kB)
Feb (no issue)
Mar (pdf, 622 kB)
Apr (pdf, 767 kB)
May (pdf, 648 kB)
Sep (pdf, 1241 kB)
Oct (pdf, 931 kB)
Nov (pdf, 900 kB)
Dec (pdf, 957 kB)

Volume 73 (2022)

Jan (pdf, 764 kB)
Feb (pdf, 812 kB)
Mar (pdf, 1122 kB)
Apr (pdf, 1013 kB)
May (pdf, 1019 kB)
Sep (pdf, 1937 kB)
Oct (pdf, 1008 kB)
Nov (pdf, 1298 kB)
Dec (pdf, 903 kB)

Volume 74 (2023)

Jan (pdf, 918 kB)
Feb (pdf, 969 kB)
Mar (pdf, 886 kB)
Apr (pdf, 1276 kB)
May (pdf, 1141 kB)