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Susan Wiediger

Susan Wiediger, Education Chair

Susan Wiediger, Education Committee Chair

Education Committee Chair

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Susan D Wiediger earned her BS in Chemistry from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. There she did research with Dr Dwayne Miller on the development of STM instrumentation, as well as a summer NSF-REU at Syracuse University with Dr Joe Chaiken on organometallic laser gain media. She earned her PhD at Rice University doing oriented molecule beam research with Dr Phil Brooks. After a chemical education research post-doc with Dr John Hutchinson and a lecturer position, both at Rice, she joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville in 2003.

Currently an Associate Professor, Sue works with pre-service teachers and has a research group focused on safety in academic laboratories and assessing curricular innovations. She has participated in a range of science outreach activities at SIUE and in the St Louis area. She began serving as Chair of the Education Committee in 2014.