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Officers and Committees 2019

Elective positions

Alternate councilors

Officers from past years

Record of past officers including standing committees back to 1997

Get to know the members of the Board of Directors: click on their “Profile” links to see a photo and brief biographical sketch.

Elected officers

Suzy Hartmann Profile | Contact
Sophia Hayes Profile | Contact
Immediate Past Chair
Benjamin Barth Profile | Contact

Henry Rohrs Profile | Contact

Jeff Cornelius Profile | Contact
Term of office 2018-2019
Mikhail Berezin Profile | Contact
Keith Stine Profile | Contact
John-Steven Taylor Profile | Contact
Term of office 2019-2020
Bill Doub Profile | Contact
Jim O’Brien Profile | Contact
Hal Harris Profile | Contact
Term of office 2017-2019
Eric Bruton Profile | Contact
Term of office 2018-2020
Donna Friedman Profile | Contact
Term of office 2019-2021
Lisa Balbes Profile | Contact
Natalie LaFranzo Profile | Contact
Alternate Councilors
Term of office 2017-2019
Chris Spilling Contact
Term of office 2019-2020
Leah O’Brien Contact
Term of office 2019-2021
Brent Znosko Contact
Steering Committee
Chair ex officio
Sophia Hayes Contact
Members ex officio
Suzy Hartmann Contact
Benjamin Barth Contact
Henry Rohrs Contact
Appointed members
Cynthia Chapple Contact
Rhonda Woerndle Contact
Appointed at-large positions
Delegate to the Midwest Region
Natalie LaFranzo Contact
Lawrence Barton Contact
Registered Agent of the Corporation
David Haselbauer Contact
Investment Trustees
Appointed, serving as Chair
Hal Harris (2015-2017) Contact
Member ex officio
Jeff Cornelius Contact
Appointed members
Bill Doub (2016-2018) Contact
Dave Garin (2017-2019) Contact
Eric Ressner (2018-2020) Contact
Audit Committee
Appointed, serving as Chair
Donna Friedman Contact
Appointed members
Bruce Ritts Contact
John-Stephen Taylor Contact
Awards Committee

Mikhail Berezin Profile | Contact
Midwest Award
Jim O’Brien Contact
St Louis Award
John-Stephen Taylor Contact
St Louis Award Banquet
Keith Stine Contact
Awards Night
Leah O’Brien Contact
College Student Awards
Mike Hauser Contact
High School Teaching Award
Rob Lamb Contact
Science Fair Coordinator
GSM Sundaram Contact
Chemical Science & Technology Award
David W Rhee Contact
Education Committee

Susan Wiediger Profile | Contact
High School Chemistry Awards
Myron Reese Contact
High School Chemistry Contest
Myron Reese Contact
Chemistry Olympiad
Hal Harris Contact
Keith Stine Contact
Battle of the Burets
Kevin Tucker Contact
Mina Sumita Contact
Chemistry is pHun
Will Ridley Contact
Kids and Chemistry
Reni Joseph Contact
Undergraduate Research Symposium
Susan Wiediger Contact
Career Day
Jim O’Brien Contact
Keith Stine Contact
Professional Activities Committee

Brent Znosko Profile | Contact
Brent Znosko Contact
Media Response
Hal Harris Contact
Career Resources
Lisa Balbes Contact
Minority Affairs
Cynthia Chapple Contact
Chanté Summers Contact
Women Chemists Committee
Cristina DeMeo Contact
Janet Wilking Contact
Governmental Affairs
Dave Garin Contact
Lawrence Barton Contact
Younger Chemists Committee

Tabbetha Bohac Contact
open Contact
Assistant Treasurer
Benjamin Barth Contact
Media coordinator
Kathleen Chaffee Contact
Event coordinator
Executive members
Bo Bi Contact
Eric Bruton Contact
Kathleen McGee Contact
Program Committee

Rhonda Woerndle Profile | Contact
General Topics
Greg Wall Contact
Chromatography Discussion Group
Walter Gavlick Contact
Education Topical Group
Mike Howe Contact
Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
Henry Rohrs Contact
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group
Alexander Barnes Contact
Sophia Hayes Contact
Joel Garbow Contact
Organic Synthesis Discussion Group
Open (contact Committee Chair)
St Louis Award Symposium
TBA (contact Committee Chair)
Publicity & Public Relations Committee

Eric Ressner Profile | Contact
Webmaster/Mailing List Manager

Eric Ressner Contact
Public Outreach
Open (contact Committee Chair
Keith Stine Contact
Chemical Bond

Jeramia Ory Contact
Associate Editor

Eric Ressner Contact
Asst Editor/Advertising Manager

Keith Stine Contact
Business Manager

Donna Friedman Contact
Special events and programs
National Chemistry Week
Greg Wall Contact
Chemical Progress Week
Project SEED
Banquet coordinator
TIE contact
Frank Salter Contact