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Vol. 68, No. 5, May, 2017

  • Career “what-ifs” 18 April 2017

    What if there was a specific website that could help promote your career as a chemist?

    What if that site allowed experienced chemists to mentor younger chemists by posting relevant articles, provoking conversation and responding to questions? Younger chemists could get their questions answered, and learn about possible next steps in their professional development.

    Maybe it could even feature high-quality job postings and be promoted to hiring managers and HR professionals seeking talent at all levels.

    This site exists! And it needs your participation to make it even better.

    From its humble beginnings as a Yahoo! group, it sought new opportunities at LinkedIn in 2011, and has served as a bulletin board for Saint Louis positions in chemistry ever since. It’s now time to take it to the next level — a broad-based resource and community for students, professionals, job seekers, and employers of chemists in the Saint Louis area.

    You can help — and help yourself! Create an account at, a social media site for networking and career development. Post your résumé, and connect with colleagues to enhance your professional opportunities. Search for the group “Chemistry Careers in Saint Louis” and ask to join. Encourage your colleagues and/or students to do the same.

    Then post a message to say hello to the group, or post a relevant article. Don’t forget to follow the group so that you will be notified when others post. Together, we can grow this resource to its full potential! It can’t be great without you, so please use your LinkedIn account to join and follow “Chemistry Careers in Saint Louis!”

  • Chemistry is pHun seeks volunteers to build on its successes 19 April 2017

    A significant focus of the St. Louis Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is directed toward encouraging and supporting STEM chemistry-related activities among children and adolescents. The “Chemistry is pHun” program is one of the Section’s most popular outreach programs. Chemistry is pHun volunteers have historically presented hands-on demonstrations/workshops in classrooms for K-12 students based on well-developed modules. The program has experienced significant change during the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017. Sheryl Loux, who served with distinction for the past eight years and received the Section’s 2014 Distinguished Service Award, relocated to Michigan. Will Ridley was trained by Sheryl prior to her departure and has continued the outreach program based in the elementary schools of the Rockwood School District.

    The solid foundation developed by Sheryl led to strong support from Cris Dames, Rockwood School District Partners in Education (PIE) facilitator, and productive working relations with 2nd grade teachers in the Rockwood elementary schools. During the academic year 2016-2017, Will Ridley presented the “States of Matter” program 21 times in 12 elementary schools to 926 second-grade students. In the “States of Matter” program solid, liquid, and gas states are explored, mainly of water, demonstrating the addition or release of energy in the form of heat when changing physical states. “Gluep”, a polymer made from Elmer’s glue and a borax solution is made to show a substance that has properties of both liquids and solids. Additionally, “Chemistry is pHun” recently presented a “Polymers are Marvelous Molecules” workshop as part of the Expanding Your Horizons Conference at the St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley.

    Will Ridley introduces “Chemistry is pHun – States of Matter” to a 2nd grade class, showing that an inflated balloon demonstrates that gases qualify as matter since they fill space and have weight.

    Going forward, Melissa De Wever, President of the Chemistry Club at St. Louis Community College (STLCC) Meramec, has suggested that the Chemistry is pHun outreach program expand into the elementary schools of the Kirkwood School District that is in close proximity to STLCC-Meramec campus. The program will need approval by the Kirkwood School District and agreement from the STLCC-Meramec chemistry students to help with the staffing.

    Also there are additional modules, including “What is Matter?” for elementary students; “Using The Scientific Method for a Science Fair Project” for grades 5–8 that are available from Chemistry is pHun for science teachers in the greater St. Louis area. New volunteers are needed in order to offer these programs.

    For the 2017-2018 academic year, “Chemistry is pHun” is seeking interested college chemistry students from throughout the St. Louis area, working chemists who can spare an occasional half day from work and retired ACS members with a desire to inspire and encourage an interest in chemistry-related science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among elementary students. Training is available and a schedule should be completed for the next academic year in September 2017. Please contact Will Ridley, Chemistry is pHun Coordinator, St. Louis Section of ACS, email:, cell phone: 314-920-1507, for additional information.

  • Saint Louis Chapter of the ACS Seeks Leaders 28 April 2017

    In the near future, you will be receiving an invitation from STL-ACS via Survey Monkey to nominate members of the St. Louis Section to positions of leadership in our local section of the American Chemical Society. This is an opportunity for passionate chemists to work together to contribute to the success of the local section. Below, you will find a list of the elective positions in the local section along with a general recommendation for experience, and a brief description of the duties of each position. Please consider nominating a friend, a colleague, or yourself for any or all of the positions!

    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least two years of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work.
    Duties: Organizes and chairs Steering Committee meetings. Serves as backup for Chair when Chair is unable to attend. Attends as many events as possible, becoming familiar with all section activities and personnel, in preparation for serving as chair the next year.

    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least one year of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work.
    Duties: Attends all Board of Directors and Steering Committee meetings, and records minutes. Prepares and mails annual flyer.

    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least one year of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work. Knowledge of accounting and Quicken a plus!
    Duties: Manages all funds of the section, including operating and special accounts. Receives payments for meetings and other activities, and disburses funds for expenses, after proper approvals are received. Tracks income and expenses for each individual activity and event. Provides monthly written report to the Board of Directors, and supports annual audit of all section accounts.

    Councilor (1 seat up for election)
    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least four years of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work. Individual should be very familiar with the history and current operations of the St Louis Section, and ACS in general. Able to travel to both national meetings every year.
    Duties: Join and actively participate in the work of a national ACS committee, which may involve additional travel, teleconferences, and significant amounts of work between national meetings.

    Alternate Councilor (2 seats up for election: 1, 3-year term and 1, 1-year term)
    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least two years of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work.
    Duties: Individual should be able to fill in and attend national meeting and represent the St Louis section at the Council Meeting if a regular councilor is unable to travel, sometimes on very short notice.

    Director (3 seats up for election)
    Recommended Experience/Qualifications: At least one year of experience with the local section: attending events, doing outreach activities, or committee work. General familiarity with the working of the St Louis section, and ACS in general.
    Duties: Able to attend Board of Directors meetings.

  • Awards Night 2017 30 April 2017

    Awards Night was held on April 18, 2017 at Maggiano’s in Brentwood with around 100 people in attendance. Winners of the high school chemistry contest, the high school chemistry teacher-of-the-year, and the outstanding junior chemistry students at area colleges and universities are all recognized. By all accounts, the evening was a nice celebration.

    College Awards Group at Awards Night 2017

    Chair-Elect Ben Barth gives the evening’s presentation.

    Section Chair Natalie LaFranzo (center) recognizes teachers from the high school chemistry contest.

[Editor’s note: please note that July is much closer than when the picnic was announced in March!]

meetings and seminars heading

Board of Directors

St Louis Section–ACS Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month, usually at the Glen Echo Country Club (map and driving directions). Meetings are open to all members, and all are encouraged to attend. Elected officers and chairs of major committees vote on questions put to the Board; others in attendance have voice but no vote.

If you want to attend for dinner, please contact the section Chair at least a week in advance. Usual cost of the dinner is $22 ($11 for post-docs and unemployed members). Bar service and dessert are optional extras. Members wishing to become active in section activities are welcomed for their first dinner as guests of the section.

Date: Mar 9
Social hour, cash bar: 6:00 pm
Call to order: 6:30 pm (Board Meeting suspended during dinner service)
Future meetings: Apr 13, May 11

Saint Louis University

Seminars are generally on Fridays at 12 noon in Carlo Auditorium, Tegeler Hall, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments follow. For the most up-to-date information, refer to the department’s seminar page or contact Brent Znosko,

University of Missouri–St Louis

Mondays at 4 pm in 451 Benton Hall, unless otherwise specified. Refreshments 15 minutes prior to seminar time. For timely information on visiting seminar speakers, contact the Chemistry Department, 314.516.5311, or visit the seminar schedule. The department has additional seminar series which are also accessible from this page.

Washington University

Seminars are in McMillen 311 at 4 pm unless otherwise noted. For information, consult the departmental events page. Related seminars, including endowed seminar series and the WU med school biochemistry series, are linked here as well.


American Polymer Standards Corporation
8680 Tyler Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060
Phone: 440-255-2211 Fax: 440-255-8397

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The Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Instrumentation Facilities at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) provide instrumental services run by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff at a reasonable fee. Data collection and analysis services include NMR, mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography, and microscopy.

UMSL Campus Photo

Instrument Services Available at UMSL

NMR: Dr. Rensheng Luo at (314) 516-5330 or by email

MS: Joe Kramer at (314) 516-5120 or by email

X-Ray: Dr. Nigam Rath at (314) 516-5333 or by email

Microscopy: Dr. David Osborn at (314) 516-4761 or by email

Contact our experienced professional staff to meet your instrumental analysis needs.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Missouri–St. Louis Presents

The 30th in the Series of Distinguished Alumni Lectures

Dennis P. Parazak

BS 1982, MS 1986, PhD 1996. (Ricoh USA, Boulder, CO

A Career Path in Solving Problems: Applications of Surface & Colloidal Chemistry in Complex Systems

Monday, May 1, 2017
Room 104 Stadler Hall
Coffee: 3:15 pm, Awards: 3:30 pm, Lecture: 4:00 pm

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